Testimonial from Michael R

Tom came highly recommended by an acquaintance so I invited Tom to the spot of my future cellar and spend about 90 minutes describing how I wanted the space used, the size of my collection, the purpose of my cellar (to be social as well as functional) and provided draft plans that a competitor had prepared. Tom listened very tentatively, understood my goals & objectives and aided/improved my thought process/vision. The initial rendered was far superior than that of his competitors, and with my comments and my builder’s comments, the second iteration was even better. Tom's graphic software and the ability to see on paper the future cellar from multiple perspectives only aided the process.

Tom worked very well with my builder, made modifications to the plans as needed to adapt to the space as designed by my builder (who did NOT have much experience with proper wine cellars). Tom's local installer was top notch and Tom took the time to do an on-site inspection (with a glass of wine in one hand, a Moody Blues Ravinia ticket in the other) and noticed a couple minor tweaks that I would never have noticed. Tom's local installer promptly made these slight adjustments. After stocking the cellar, the have had at least a dozen groups visit and aid me in clearing my inventory. Everyone has enjoyed the feel of the cellar, the experience of the cellar and the subtle (but undeniable) WOW factor that the cellar eliminates. I also appreciated that Tom stayed within budget, which is not always the case with home improvement projects. I would without hesitation recommend Tom.

Michael R of Lake Bluff, IL

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