Heart Story

Tom Warner was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. While growing up he would visit the historic buildings of the downtown “Loop” and the beautiful structures on the University of Chicago campus. He marvelled at both the classic architectural elements and the introduction of new styles; integrating stone, wood, and glass.

While in high school, Tom discovered a lifelong love of woodworking as he explored its many varieties of style and textures of materials. He was an apprenticed carpenter by age eighteen and in his twenties he learned to build splendid replications of traditional American furniture. Tom's college education focused on architecture, anthropology and art history.

In 1989, Tom designed and built his first wine cellar. A new love was born – one that provided a harmonious blending of business-minded and creative work elements.

Tom’s company is based on a “team” concept. Everyone works and supports different areas of the business focused on the same goal – to create awe-inspiring cellars with the highest quality materials while maintaining a strong dedication to environmental building practices and the continuous new discovery of unique designs and materials.

Tom's natural ability to communicate with people, his drive to explore new ideas, and his years of experience administering dynamic and successful enterprises give him a unique blending of talents that make for an enjoyable and enlightening working relationship with his special clientele.

Tom currently resides just north of San Francisco, California, in Marin County.

Office: 415.883.8120 Fax: 415.883.8107