About us

Thomas Warner Wine Cellars has been custom crafting elegant wine environments for over 18 years. Tom’s creative instincts lead to the production of some of the most unique and artistic cellars in the country.

Our approach to contemporary architecture now includes wine displays designed and constructed with metal, stone and acrylic.  

With an extensive list of exotic hardwoods, mahoganies, bamboo and metal options, and a dedicated focus on renewable and sustainable resources, the imagination is given no limits. Stunning architecture is complimented by subtle lighting and awe-inspired display features.

At Thomas Warner Wine Cellars we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive strategies in the design and creation of your unique wine environment. In addition to the design and build process we consult in all phases of wine cellar preparation including room preparation and climate control systems.

Just like us, wine cellars are created in all shapes and sizes. Whether your collection is comprised of a few hundred bottles of several thousand, we are able to customize your cellar to reflect and represent your lifestyle, home & passions.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and we will discuss the best wine storage and display options for you.

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